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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Technology sure is sweet sometimes!!

My iPhone weather report said yesterday was 104F and today was going to be 75F and sure as shit, it was a welcome weather cool down here in Texas.  104F on September 7, 2012? Must have been all that hot air from the Republican National Convention or something.

Earlier this week, my Huz bought me a new solid state MacBook Pro with the new retina display and I just copied my entire music library form my Lacie 2TB thunderbolt drive over to it in about 2.5 minutes..

This kinda shit used to take hours not minutes!!

I thought I was going to have to blow most of my day sitting around and wasting time on it.. 

My goal is to make a computer that will hold my entire world, be portable, run OS-X and Windows-7, store my photo library of 60,000, my music library of 12,806 (all legally owned) including my 208 videos. Be capable of running for more than a skinkin' 2 hours on a charge and be completely solid state with no moving parts to crap out three years from now. 

The MacBook Pro was ok, but it only had a couple hundred gig and I had to invest in the LaCie external drive to schlep around or leave behind when moving around. Not cool if you're working on a project that needs access to the external stuff.  Oh and don't drop or bang it too much cuz you don't wanna wind up with a drive crash.

Yes, Thunderbolt is truly amazing, awesomely fast and soon it will be on Windows computers too.  Yes, the components are a bit pricey but there's a lot of circuit brains in the controllers that are capable of moving the data as fast as an SSD. You really do get what you pay for in this case. If you're a web hosting company that's focused on moving terabytes of data during a backup, then you should seriously consider this tiny and portable solution.

Two other things that really helped me in the past three days was my account at and also my premium account with systems.  Why? Because when I buy software and get those silly email's with the registration codes, I've used Evernote to capture them instead of printing out in a huge paper folder or entering each one into 1Password making it time consuming to say the least.  Best of all I can get to the data years later with my phone, my iPad, Macs, Pc's and not skip a beat.

When I'm working on a project, say something like writing my Biography Book, or even my Pagan Survival Guide I've done for several years.. I don't like having to schlep around a flash drive, or "sneaker net" the changed files among different computers.  So, I store it on my DropBox in a folder and can instantly work on them from anywhere so long as I have a network connection.  Can you can "Proper Use of the Cloud Services"

Same things with iTunes MATCH...  I can get to my music (no, not movies... just the tunes) from *all* of my puppies that can run iTunes be it my phone, my pad, my PC or my MACs.... Sweet Huh?

Sometimes when I think how hard I used to work to add a new 1.2 Gigabyte Hard Drive to the DIVANET servers I built and how I had to book off 1/2 a day to do it I'm truly amazed.  If I made one more fucking trip to Fry's Electronics for weekend parts to fix something that crapped out, I would scream!!  Now, just push a button, pull out the old USB or Thunderbolt cable and plug in a new one..  Geez!   No more fucked up mounting brackets, missing screws, twisted ribbon cables and hour long partitioning and formatting.

And the Breeders create these children who eventually own miniature Mainframes in their bedroom with more power than the computers in the pentagon just to play their skanky games or show off their girlfriend's junk or titties.  With Dynamic DNS abilities they can set up this computer to share stuff with people all over the world right from the privacy of their bedroom and mommy and daddy have no idea what they're "really" doing.   Ahhh but one thing they never learned along the way is that as much as they think they're anonymous to the world  *EVERY* network card has a unique thing called a MAC address.. no two of them are alike.  And *EVERY* CPU chip has a unique traceable serial number.  Those of us 'geeky wonks' who know this also know about the unseen tools we can use to trace this from point A to point B leaving the little monsters shocked when authorities knock on their door in the middle of the night and drag them off to some kind of detention.

Those who think they're so Evil and Sly only have to make a few wrong moves and their ass is toast.  What? Don't believe me? No Worries!  Just remember this the next time you screw with someone's stuff and really piss off the wrong tech savy dude like me.  The hard drive I format MAY BE YOUR OWN!!    Repeat after me, "Technology is Sweet Sometimes, and V is for Vengeance"  ---LOL

Thursday, June 7, 2012

So this is what we call fun...

Well, fixed the toilet and now it's even better than ever... Instead of doing a plastic handle I did one with brass so this puppy is going to be around for awhile..  As for the plug/stopper thingy, I got one that doesn't have a stupid chain to keep getting caught trying to close after a flush.. Instead it's got a rubber like ribbon and works every time.  Woo Hooo..   Guess it makes sense to use the noggin sometimes when fixing things.

We traded in the '09 80k Corvette sitting in the garage with a dead battery for two years cuz Wynn couldn't drive it anymore with his neuropathy and also the nissan truck and got a Chevy VOLT and man this puppy is truly a luxury car for people with geek DNA.  Wow...  turns on a dime, quick acceleration, lots of bluetooth and geeky shit. I just learned that it's a true EV and not a hybrid car.. This means the engine in it only runs to charge back the battery with no acceleration or deceleration.  Quiet and not a peep or a rattle and handles all the crappy Dallas pothole streets even better than the damn truck.

To think all of these other little-dick buttholes who spent so much money on their gas pigs as they cry at the gas pump each week and we don't have to fuck with that anymore.  Wow...  Sure the car was pricey at 42k but Chevy had to pay us 10k back with the Corvette and Truck trade-in.  And the damn thing is paid off in full. Fini... over and out..  

Wow..   Just plug the fucker in and you're good to go later.  For me, it's handling reminds me of a Triumph Spitfire me and my ex. Kenny had years ago.  Very very fun to drive and quickly maneuver around the assholes that always seem to cut in front and go slow in front of you while in the fast lane. (still don't know why they do this but...)  I can whip around them in seconds with no worries.

I don't know if I'd use the things for a cross-country trek but for here in this screwed up city of Dallas it sure makes driving a pleasure especially when you need something at the spur of the moment. It might even encourage me and Wynn to go out more and romp around to places like the Dallas Aquarium or more social things.

Well, no, I wouldn't count on social stuff to much. For years here in the gay dallas community I've been the one to plan and arrange all kinds of social stuff but today, in a group of 40 or more queers, you can't even get 5 of them to show up for a weenie or burger roast in the back yard.  Let alone never get invited over to one of the multitude folk who have pools.  Guess they have to work too hard all the time just to make the mortgage payments or something. Or they're just not much of a friend to being with in the first place.  Ahh well, don't care, no worries... their loss.

Meanwhile, I got a shitload of stuff done on MysticWays... I even put up some YouTube videos on how use things like Pendulums, Candles, and so on... The Godaddy company deliberately changed the admin password on our account because the credit card we used expired and I didn't update it.  Wow, only a week's time and they were sure to cut us off.  Funny, I called the support line and asked for information on how to download the 1,700 product images from their system following a compute crash and I was told that there was no way to do it.  So let's see, you pay them $80 bucks a month for a shopping card system that you spend years uploading, tweaking and refining product images and then learn that if you ever have a crash, there's no way you can download all your stuff???  WTF??  What college kid came up with this method? So I politely told the support dude to kiss my ass and then hung up after informing him that I have no intention of renewing my payment method.

Nope, I love and these guys truly rock.  Yes there is somewhat of a learning curve, but their help system will walk you though most things item by item unless the piece of shit Godaddy system which is nothing but pretty fluff and (nope, can't do that from here) remarks.

I think the really cool thing about the new store is that I can arrange things the way I want and not have to kiss ass or fuck with hidden HTML code to make it happen. Hell, I've stopped using the stupid QuickBooks merchant account to process credit cards and go full throttle with PayPal instead.  This holds the sale money for ransom for a month to protect against charge-offs etc. But heaven help the scam artist that tries to do that on one of our sales.   I've got the FedEx shipping log to prove delivery of everything we send out and if they lie saying they never got it, I have proof they did and in return PayPal is going to reverse the charge-off fee back to them instead. How's that for a nice "Fuck You Very Much" end to their scam?  And bitch all you want... you want that $1.98 product? Maybe you should buy a few of them if you're gonna pay the base rate of $7.00 for shipping.  Don't ya think? None the less, I know you got it and there's no way you're gonna screw me out of it.

This is why expensive essential oils and fragrances over an ounce are shrink wrapped so they can't replace the bottles with water and mail them back..  (yup, they did the in the past too!)   No shrink wrap, no refund...  Would you ilke me to re-sell an oil you're going to use in food that your aunt Martha  returned after opening the bottle with her germy fingers she just cleaned the cat littler box with? Didn't think so.

My next hobby project is my dinky little microwave glass fusing kiln that I bought a year ago on sale and still haven't had enough free time to play with.  Been doing lots of research on youtube and around on the net and learned that I can fuse a piece of jewelry in about 3 minutes instead of 25-30 using my paragon quick fire and I'm looking forward to fusing some of my witchcraft pagan decals to them for unique one of a kind pendants.

Right now I have a table full of Sculpy/Fimo/Primo pendants I'm finishing in the kitchen (which looks like a bad nightmare at the moment) to get online of reasonable prices. The Key to MysticWays stuff is to be UNIQUE or LIMITED or RARE. The kind of shit you don't just walk into a store and buy off a shelf from a multitude of competitors. I also learned about and have made friends with several of the artisans there too doing the same.  Who knows, I might even put a few things up there myself in the future.

In a heated discussion with Bob, ( Robert Evans ) who called my stuff kitchy, it really hit me hard but I politely remind him that I've sold tons of my stuff over the past 10 years to very appreciative buyers vs. the small handful of his so-called art. That seems to be more of a message in itself no?

In the past, I always had dreams about meeting other crafty people and having glaze painting parties, or polymer clay fiddling events, or even some of the other cool things I've done but not have to be the "only one, or the head daddy, or lead artist" that everyone followed and relied on. You mean I'm the only person in Dallas who has a fucking serger or sewing machine?  The only one who has a microwave and a $100 fusing kiln?   or a 5 gallon bucket of busted stained glass in his shed? Puhlease

Gosh, back in the day, I used to love being around mentors like myself trying to learn as much as I could about the hobbies I did.  It seems like that kind of mindset has pretty much vanished.  Even the music industry is a pile of high school graduates screaming "Uhh Huh..Yo Yo Yo, That's right" instead of telling a true emotional message.  (Is this what my grandfather experienced before he died? Don't know...)  today you hear a song that's nothing more than a copy of one made 25 years ago or a pile of gibberish about someones junk, in a trunk, and how juicy is that coochie.  Most can't play a real instrument but they know how to use Garage Band on their Apple and program electronic looping riffs.  (Yawn... boring.. it's been done.. move on.)  Even Boy George couldn't play an instrument but at least the dude hooked up with a bunch of people who could but maybe that's a thing of the past. Even Rock music is so full of negative depression (you did me wrong, you're such a bitch, I hate your guts, can't get outta this.. blah blah blah..)   Does anyone write songs about impossible love, or being thankful etc? No, I'm not talking about bible thumping shit either.

Well, I'm done jabbering here... nobody reads or comments on this shit anyhow but it makes me feel good to vent to myself. I'm truly one of a kind and I like that. I don't have to impress others or kiss someone's ass for a job.   I'm good at what I do and I've earned everything I have from hard work and focus. I always dreamed of connecting with others seeking similar things but I guess that was just a fantasy. I've got a wealth of wisdom to share with those who seek but when they're too chicken to ask honestly, then they just don't deserve to learn from me.  Guess 'silence is golden' after all.

My Life Lessons have made me who I am today and I'm thankful for them. As horrible as some may have been they taught me to understand others and prepare for the unknown without negative feelings or judgement.  All the twisted brain screw-ups, all the wonderful things I got to finish always bitching about never having enough time in the day and all the people I came in contact with throughout my life.  Nope, I don't want to reverse or change them. I don't have a problem saying I'm sorry for something I did a decade ago unlike so many other people. I don't want to be the best, I don't want to be the king or the focal point in other people's conversations.  Here today gone tomorrow.. no thanks..  I just want to be loved, I want to love back in return and have a way to experience new things all the time offering to share it back in return.

Wise men don't seek students... the students seek the wise men.  Wise men aren't better than you, they just have more hands on experience in what you seek.  Sharing = Growth for us all.  You don't get a medal or door prize for being the best when you die.  Instead, you're judged by how much you shared with the human race along the way.  Yup, I'm good... That's me..  all the assholes in the world can't steal what's in my head no matter how hard they try and they'll never possess it if they don't bother to ask either cuz I have no intention of forcing it on them either.  Funny how these were the kind of Mentors I always respected throughout my life and I've become one myself.   Buhhh Bye...

Well, after all this time I finally got my Dragon NaturallySpeaking to work on my MacBook air.

I have all the stuff sitting around in a pile and just never put aside enough time to hook up the headphone and do all the voice training.

Now, as you're reading this, I'm typing this message with my voice not with my keyboard. Originally, I was planning on doing some story writing the things become so busy around here that the free time  seemed to be nonexistent.

Today, the flushing thing for the toilet in my bathroom broke. So now I have to make a trip to Home Depot to buy parts.  So off I go.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Day and My New Home Page

I found this awesome upgrade to a web designer I used to like using when I had my old PowerPC mac. The problem was when I upgraded to the Intel based ones these guys were slow to adapt and I was kinda forced to use something else.  Well, I took a chance and I was totally blown away at all the hard work they did.  The program is called SandVox and it's very similar to the iWeb program that Apple made and later discontinued.  So I spend the work porting all my junk over and so far I'm really impressed at how well it came out...

I was clever enough to build a test area to make sure I was good with it and just did the final publish to my active site...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Why is fitting in so important?

Why are people always so worried about "fitting in" with others?  Doesn't it make more sense to embrace the things that make us unique and share those abilities with others willing to learn more about them?

Imagine for a second if we all looked the same, we all dressed the same, we all had the same profession, we all ate the same food and spoke the same language with the same customs.  What would this do to the concept of Art? How could we strive to be 'better' or 'superior' if we were all the same like a bunch of carbon copied robots?

Instead, society teaches us to hate that which we don't understand or that which is different. Why? Doesn't it make more sense to embrace those differences in the 'other' and try to enlighten ourselves more learning and respecting this unique being? Is it better to vanquish them instead as not to corrupt or cloud the robotic gene pool?

And what about the one who's 'too fabulous' to fit in? They're left to face a world of lonliness, hatred, scorn, and ridicule just because they don't meet the status quo?  If the Christian God created us all in his own image then which of the two beings is or is not the element to build friendship with and why? Technically they're all god's creatures right? Don't they have a right to be happy too so long as they're not harming others?

So what is the harm of two male doves falling in love and spending the rest of their lives together? You know this happens in real life right now as we speak right? Should we shoot and kill them because they don't fit the norm? Are they harming the other doves?  Last I checked they were supposed to be the symbol of peace so why should we care about their gender? Do they molest other baby doves and can't be trusted at a baby sitter? If a neighbor parent dies, would the other doves prevent those males from nurturing and raising the dead parent's children regardless of who they choose to love?

How many of you reading this know the true difference between SEX and LOVE? SEX is something you do with the shit between your legs. LOVE is something you do with your mind and your heart!

So what's the difference between the words "PLAY" and "INTIMACY" when it comes to the Gay Bear community? Which of them is more likely to lead to a future spending the rest of their lives with one another?  Do you play or do you get intimate?

Next, if you were going to have a picnic would you only invite your Gay friends? Your Str8 friends? or Both? And WHY?

Yes, these are truly things that make ya go hummmm with wonderment huh?

Hate group leader vs. Log Cabin Republican about Romney

Hate group leader vs. Log Cabin Republican about Romney

Monday, April 23, 2012

Yardwork is such fun

Spring is here and it's time to take down all the overgrown hedges so the people can walk along the sidewalk oh joy better do it before we get a citation for having it blocked.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Welcome to the Dallas-Gayborhood

Welcome to a new place on the internet for people who live or visit the Cedar Springs part of Dallas, TX often!

Some of us are young, some are older than shit, and some are just hiding the fact that they age at all. Yeah you go girrrlll.

If you're looking for a chance to connect to others right here in the city, then freely enter our Dallas-Gayborhood online forum. No worries and no labels here. Don't care what you classify your sexual identity as. Just interested in meeting and greeting new faces and meeting face to face.

Do take the time to say "Hello World" and introduce yourself instead of sitting there on your fat ass too chicken to be social.

No, we don't want your money, we don't want your transportation and we have no interest in sucking up for a new place to live. 

We're established and responsible hard working people and have no interest in kissing your ass to earn your friendship. We have no interest in exposing your private life to your boss or whomever you might be hiding it from at the moment.

Then again, if you're too rude or too fucking stupid to be polite to others then you can be sure we'll set your sorry-ass straight in no time. So act your age and not your shoe size. 

And one more thing before you go,,, BLESS YOUR HEART !!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just when you thought you saw it all!

  Wouldn't ya just know it! Just when you thought you've saw seen it all you run into this!  Now all I need to know is if I can get them on Amazon and start sending them out as gifts to some people who may desperately need them.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Formed a TBI Brain Injury Group on MEETUP

Well today, I decided to form a TBI Brain Injury Support Group using the Meetup system.  Why? Well, it forces members to reply to event notifications and I can include the monthly meetings that they have at Baylor (BIR) to keep people involved etc.

In addition, I will also consider doing a monthly meet and greet meeting at Buzz Brews where members can show up for coffee and share ideas and stuff with one another.

The reason for all of this is because the federal gov. HIPPA law prevents care giving groups to remain in contact of their old patients once they have been released.  In some ways to the TBI patient this can seem like punishment not having others to stay connected to that can relate to things.  So, hopefully this may help take the edge off the loneliness factor allowing the elders and the newbies to share things.

Friday, March 30, 2012

The right work center is so important.

Ya know..  many years back I had a Steelcase desk that included what was called a "typing return" on it's side..  The desk height was 30" from the floor and the return was 26" from the floor and was the perfect height for long hours of keyboard work..  I even brought it to TX with me when I moved here but my Huz got me a new and improved one made of particle board by Sauder which later met it's demise. (Typical of today's put-together crap...)

Todays desks have those shiftily little pull out thingy's but they always jiggle, wiggle, and slide out of place so I thought I would look to see if I could find a suitable desk accessory to a return for my desk. Yeah right.. fat fucking chance... no way..    I did find this little printer table from Satco on Amazon but when it arrived I realized that it was going to be more like typing on a TV tray table on wheels.

Strangely enough, a couple years ago Wynn bought this thingy called a "grooming table" when we got Keiser our doberman pup so we could easily file his nails, manage his coat etc. not realizing how obedient he was going to turn out not needing it.  So it got folded up and set aside.

Well low and behold, I was doing some work with some fabric out in the back yard and needed a quick table to work on so I pulled it out and I was shocked to see with the legs compressed the table was much lower than the usual fold up tables you see around town in the office community.  I got out my tape measure and sure enough it was perfect twenty six inches from the floor.

Now all this might seem odd but trust me.. if you do lots of typing on a 29-30" desk all day you'll soon have painful wrists and the beginnings of carpel tunnel in no time.  Having the right ergonomic typing height is key to working efficient and since I used to type 142wpm (about as fast as most people speak) before my motorcycle accident I was accustomed to working with correct typing posture cuz typing was mandatory for my job when recording what a support client is saying over the phone. 

Anyhow, I digress...   So a couple years ago I bought this black glass piece of shit to use as a desk return with a stupid pull out keyboard tray and the damn thing always looked filthy. (don't ever get gloss black, trust me)  No matter how much I de-cluttered and wiped the place always looked dank. 

So today I got a wild hair a crossed my ass when my new printer thingy came only to find out it was too dinky.  I tore apart the glass piece of shit and replace it with the dog's grooming table and wow..   I have more floor space, I have the proper typing height for long hours of work. I have a sweet doberman snuggled up at my feet and everything is just an arm's reach away..

Now when you consider that most of the put-together office furniture is made in china these days, you'd think that someone out there would be sick and tired of not having a desk capable of sitting at the correct typing height all on it's own right?  Duhhh... doesn't take a rocket scientist.   And ya know what, I'll bet that today's American college graduates sat at a desk in school that was lower than 30" themselves but became to fucking stupid to care.  It's easier to go to a doctor and whine or take a pill for that sore wrist instead right? 

Oh well, I'm good. In addition to that, I have three 13" x 14" mouse pads across the work area and I don't need to fuck with using a stupid 6x9 Office Depot mouse pad cuz the whole damn work area is a friggin' mouse pad.. Cool huh?  My grandpa taught me years ago to "work with your head not with your back" and to always think things through knowing that function is far more important than fashion.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Crazy Times at the Wagners

Jeez. what a crazy week this has been.. First Wynn got pissed off at his publisher and decided not to use them for his latest book. Instead he's going to self-publish and go it alone with the help of a friend who's main biz is marketing.

Next, we got fed up with the friggin' DirecTV service and how it freaks out each time theres a damn power failure. Worse we called the buttonholes to come and add a second DVR for the living room and instead of coming on the requested install date they called while we were on the Amtrak train to Chicago last August and never bother to call to set another time.

Vonage was charging me $73.33  for our home phone line and the MysticWays line so it was time for a change... 

We decided to go with the Time Warner "SignatureHome" plan giving us internet, TV, two DVR's, and Phone service... On top of that, I went to the Rad Shack (RadioShack) and bought a MagicJack Plus to replace the second line for MysticWays which I hardly ever use.

So they guy comes on Saturday and the ripping and shredding begins...  Wow... We had Time Warner CableModem before but this new little guy is way faster than the other one. One problem we had which I had to work on all day was the re-assignment of our IP addresses from  to causing all the static addresses for our printers and specialty devices to be modified. Lots and lots of work but well worth it.  Kinda hard to print out sales order when the address on your computer doesn't' match the address on the printer... 

And of course all the MysticWays stuff has to be changed with the adjusted phone number and Vonage had to be called to cancel the expensive monthly bill. Was I really getting 73 bucks outta them?  Not likely... buhhh bye... 

The beauty of all of this is one bill, one company, one provider... for the monthly stuff.. and for the occasional inbound MysticWays calls one dinky annual bill.  Short and sweet...   Best of all, I can watch TV in the living room and record stuff on the DVR instead of having to kiss a certain someone's ass to do it for me in the bedroom.. LOL

It's amazing how we've been hacking and slashing expenses the past few months but really enjoying being at home together and engaging in our day to day stuff. 

When you think about it though,  one call from my mother and thee calls for MysticWays really isn't worth $73.33 these days.. I mean that comes out to $18.34 per call!  Nuhhhh Ughhhh! No Thanks...  love ya mom, but......

I think with all the $$$$ I'll be starting to save, maybe I can set up a savings fund to get my Honda Scooter in the shop for repair.  Heck, Wynn and I even talked about ditching the Truck and the Corvette and replacing it with something better on gas and if we need to haul something that bad we'll call a friend with a truck or hire someone or even rent one from the local Home Depot. It's just foolish to have all this wasted opportunity around here if it's not being used. 

Old Blog Entries Copied Here

Hi there... Well I got tired of messing with WordPress and thought I'd just take the easy route and use Google Blogger instead. I mean after a while it's more important to record my diary of thoughts and not focus on making shit pretty so here goes..  Below you'll find a copy of all my old WordPress postings. I thought I might as well move them here for old time sake so here goes:

Lots of Home Improvements This Week

Well, this week has been a busy one for me… When we bought the house 13 years ago the back porch came with an indoor outdoor carpet over the concrete and though it’s been very durable for many years it was beginning to have shredded and rotted areas.  I decided to pull it all up and clean up the glue areas followed by painting it gray with concrete stain that I’ve used throughout the years on other parts of the back yard.  Well it was truly a success and now it will be much easier to sweep and keep tidy. I also found this really cool spray paint from Krylon Called fusion. It has the ability to spray on plastic surfaces and it binds itself so that it doesn’t scratch off easily. I painted the terra-cotta colored  stairs with a gray and now they match the patio very closely.
Now, for the past three days, I’ve been working hard to finish painting my little bathroom that’s off the bedroom. I started this project about a year ago bought the custom mix paint which turned out to be a kelly green and also used a very very bright yellow for the trim. But with all the projects and stuff that we got involved in with the fish tank, there never seem to be enough time to work on my painting project. Well amazingly enough, it’s back in progress and so far it’s really coming along nicely. At 1st, I was nervous about the darkness of the green paint in so me and my friend Tom decided to go one shade higher and it was a damn good thing we did. My biggest fear was the fact that the room is so small and painting it with a dark green like Hunter green style would make it appear almost black in low lighting. So I guess all this turned out to be a really good thing.

Ready for the new year…

I’m really looking forward to the new year and all kinds of positive changes. I spent a week building my video legacy on my personal webpage and although it was a lot of work it seems to be a successful endeavor.
I’ll be really happy when Facebook gets their crap together because I’m really getting tired of all these changes that keep happening without any warning. I mean don’t get me wrong, change is good, but at some point it’s nice to at least know how to prepare for it and these guys don’t seem to put much effort into that phase of the changes.
Yesterday was also a big day for us as we purchased 45 gallon jugs of salt water for wins new aquarium which will contain his coral reef and  our existing fish.
Even though Cisco is no longer making the flip video camera it still works very well with my Macintosh and associated software. Now that I have a place to display what I have recorded I think it’s can be even more fun to access the stuff in the future. Sure it would be nice to put stuff on YouTube, but the problem there is you can’t post videos that are longer than about 20 min. and within a certain size ratio. To me it makes much more sense to store the stuff in a folder on my hosted website. There, I at least have the ability to download the entire site for clean backup and burn it on a DVD for future storage. Best of all, I don’t have to deal with all of their size limitations.
So I think is going to be kind of cool.
I also got an update to my DragonDictate software which allows me to type all the stuff out by simply talking into a microphone. Through the years it  has gotten very stable and you don’t have to spend hours training it like he used to. Kudos to the programmers.

Jingle Bells – Music Smells, Robin Laid an Egg

Ya know, about 12 years ago there was this wonderful company called MP3.COM had showcased weekly ‘indie’ groups and also had this magnificent thing called ‘Music Locker” where you shoved the original music CD into your computer and once verified, it put the music into your locker without wasting time uploading (assuming it was in their library already)
The iTunes MATCH system isn’t anything new but just history repeating itself. Sadly though, Yahoo and CNET took over MP3.COM and destroyed the concept. I used to love going out there to learn about new performers and get free songs. If i really liked them, I’d go back and purchase the entire album. But Noooo, the greedy bastards totally fucked up there. Believe it or not, I have music cuts from some artists that were killed in a plane crash before they went to production which you’ll never find in the music world today!! Not even on the P2P pirate areas either.
Most people on the effing radio today don’t even know how to play a genuine musical instrument without the fake loops from a computer riff. Worse, the scramming and whaling and Yo Yo Yo all sounds the same. Where’s the true emotion? Yeah like a song that doesn’t consist of lyrics that complain about how you did me wrong and what a piece of shit you are.. <sigh>
And why the fuck do they keep remaking an antique over and over and over and over again? How many versions of Silent Night do we need till someone figures out how to write “Silent Morning” instead? Oh that’s right.. it’s easier to Copy than to Invent right?

Our 2011 Xmas Newsletter

2011 Family Newsletter

This is our annual XMAS 2011 Newsletter that we sent to all our friends. It’s posted here for those we don’t have updated addresses for.

2011 Family Newsletter

Aren’t there other geeks out there?

All these years I always wondered how there could be so many OSX and iDevice owners out there but none of them knew how to make a friggin web page. Even with the free goddamn iWeb program built into OSX iLife. They could figure out how to use FaceBook but ask them if they have their own site and they haven’t a clue.  So let’s see…  if you’re not producing movies, and/or managing photos and not doing office stuff, this just about leaves social web sites no?
Geez, I’m 50 years old and figured I’d be left in the dust by now when it comes to new creative and artistic stuff.. but ask these bozos to write a complete grammatical sentence and they can’t even do that in high school. Then, offer to mentor and teach and there’s no interest in learning.  Wow… Ok.. it’s not disrespectful, it’s just MEH, of no interest to them.  I wonder what this means for their future.
So all of our factories go over seas and nothing new gets done here except lots of complaining while 3rd world countries make the toilet paper we wipe our asses with. Wow, such a concept huh?  For 35 years, Bic pen made their famous Bic lighters in Milford, CT the same two form factors. Today, Bic has come out with a new “Bic Click” with a total new look and guess what? It’s made in Spain not Milford Connecticut. My mother worked for the goddamn company for 30 years and now she’s retired.  So should I be angry at Bic for this?  Nope..  They had ideas and they made them come true even though they couldn’t afford to do it in the USA.  Would kids today want to work in a factory making Bic lighters?  Yeah right, Dream On !!!

Today’s projects. Woo Hoo

Rise and shine at 7:45 and brrrr is it cold outside…  Damn, I’m so proud of all the work I’ve done on my website fixing things and getting it all in order. Today I have an stranger project. I’m going to retrofit my new Cuisinart 14-cup food processor so that I can lift the large feed tube and put things inside without disengaging the safety lock.  Why? cuz it’s a pain in the ass trying to find little cucumbers that you don’t have to cut in half when trying to make thin slices and no, I’m not stupid enough to tick my fingers in with the blades when it’s running. This puppy is way bigger than my Kitchen Aid but the safety features make it less useful and I’m devising a plan to change that.

Twas two weeks before Christmas

Kitchen Office

So here I am sitting in my kitchen on my MacBook Air farting around fixing broken links on my personal website and realize that there was a shitload of broken things for almost a year that nobody ever brought to my attention.. Not even family members (but most of them are purely addicted to Facebook so who can blame them?)
In any case.. now that me and Wynn moved most of our stuff off the Windows Server platform and onto LINUX Apache instead (which probably doesn’t mean Jack Shit to you) I thought it was high time I focus on my creative legacies and clean up things.  Since I now use RapidWeaver for my web design and store the master files in my DropBox account I can use any of the computers in my home and not be tied to only one.   I was even somewhat surprised that my hubby didn’t pick up on some of the broken things either but these days, he’s been so busy with writing two queer romance novels and also his price and joy coral reef in the bedroom which has had it’s share of SNAFUs leaks and stuff.
I guess the majority of all this started when I canceled my OaklawnM4M google account which had ties to many of the web content using their free hosting stuff… Guess this teaches ya to make lots of backups and have back peddling breadcrumbs in the event you find yourself needing them later.
Well, I decided to use the blog thingy here in RapidWeaver as kind of a one stop shopping to hold all my goodies in one place using one system as much as possible so we’ll see..  Nobody reads this shit but me anyhow from what I can tell so no worries…
In the future I want to learn how to use WordPress for my blogging stuff but right now I don’t know if my brain has the energy to focus on learning something new from the ground up without spending countless hours or even days trying and testing and trying and testing and trying again etc…  Not with all the other cool stuff going on but maybe later.