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Friday, March 30, 2012

The right work center is so important.

Ya know..  many years back I had a Steelcase desk that included what was called a "typing return" on it's side..  The desk height was 30" from the floor and the return was 26" from the floor and was the perfect height for long hours of keyboard work..  I even brought it to TX with me when I moved here but my Huz got me a new and improved one made of particle board by Sauder which later met it's demise. (Typical of today's put-together crap...)

Todays desks have those shiftily little pull out thingy's but they always jiggle, wiggle, and slide out of place so I thought I would look to see if I could find a suitable desk accessory to a return for my desk. Yeah right.. fat fucking chance... no way..    I did find this little printer table from Satco on Amazon but when it arrived I realized that it was going to be more like typing on a TV tray table on wheels.

Strangely enough, a couple years ago Wynn bought this thingy called a "grooming table" when we got Keiser our doberman pup so we could easily file his nails, manage his coat etc. not realizing how obedient he was going to turn out not needing it.  So it got folded up and set aside.

Well low and behold, I was doing some work with some fabric out in the back yard and needed a quick table to work on so I pulled it out and I was shocked to see with the legs compressed the table was much lower than the usual fold up tables you see around town in the office community.  I got out my tape measure and sure enough it was perfect twenty six inches from the floor.

Now all this might seem odd but trust me.. if you do lots of typing on a 29-30" desk all day you'll soon have painful wrists and the beginnings of carpel tunnel in no time.  Having the right ergonomic typing height is key to working efficient and since I used to type 142wpm (about as fast as most people speak) before my motorcycle accident I was accustomed to working with correct typing posture cuz typing was mandatory for my job when recording what a support client is saying over the phone. 

Anyhow, I digress...   So a couple years ago I bought this black glass piece of shit to use as a desk return with a stupid pull out keyboard tray and the damn thing always looked filthy. (don't ever get gloss black, trust me)  No matter how much I de-cluttered and wiped the place always looked dank. 

So today I got a wild hair a crossed my ass when my new printer thingy came only to find out it was too dinky.  I tore apart the glass piece of shit and replace it with the dog's grooming table and wow..   I have more floor space, I have the proper typing height for long hours of work. I have a sweet doberman snuggled up at my feet and everything is just an arm's reach away..

Now when you consider that most of the put-together office furniture is made in china these days, you'd think that someone out there would be sick and tired of not having a desk capable of sitting at the correct typing height all on it's own right?  Duhhh... doesn't take a rocket scientist.   And ya know what, I'll bet that today's American college graduates sat at a desk in school that was lower than 30" themselves but became to fucking stupid to care.  It's easier to go to a doctor and whine or take a pill for that sore wrist instead right? 

Oh well, I'm good. In addition to that, I have three 13" x 14" mouse pads across the work area and I don't need to fuck with using a stupid 6x9 Office Depot mouse pad cuz the whole damn work area is a friggin' mouse pad.. Cool huh?  My grandpa taught me years ago to "work with your head not with your back" and to always think things through knowing that function is far more important than fashion.

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