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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Crazy Times at the Wagners

Jeez. what a crazy week this has been.. First Wynn got pissed off at his publisher and decided not to use them for his latest book. Instead he's going to self-publish and go it alone with the help of a friend who's main biz is marketing.

Next, we got fed up with the friggin' DirecTV service and how it freaks out each time theres a damn power failure. Worse we called the buttonholes to come and add a second DVR for the living room and instead of coming on the requested install date they called while we were on the Amtrak train to Chicago last August and never bother to call to set another time.

Vonage was charging me $73.33  for our home phone line and the MysticWays line so it was time for a change... 

We decided to go with the Time Warner "SignatureHome" plan giving us internet, TV, two DVR's, and Phone service... On top of that, I went to the Rad Shack (RadioShack) and bought a MagicJack Plus to replace the second line for MysticWays which I hardly ever use.

So they guy comes on Saturday and the ripping and shredding begins...  Wow... We had Time Warner CableModem before but this new little guy is way faster than the other one. One problem we had which I had to work on all day was the re-assignment of our IP addresses from  to causing all the static addresses for our printers and specialty devices to be modified. Lots and lots of work but well worth it.  Kinda hard to print out sales order when the address on your computer doesn't' match the address on the printer... 

And of course all the MysticWays stuff has to be changed with the adjusted phone number and Vonage had to be called to cancel the expensive monthly bill. Was I really getting 73 bucks outta them?  Not likely... buhhh bye... 

The beauty of all of this is one bill, one company, one provider... for the monthly stuff.. and for the occasional inbound MysticWays calls one dinky annual bill.  Short and sweet...   Best of all, I can watch TV in the living room and record stuff on the DVR instead of having to kiss a certain someone's ass to do it for me in the bedroom.. LOL

It's amazing how we've been hacking and slashing expenses the past few months but really enjoying being at home together and engaging in our day to day stuff. 

When you think about it though,  one call from my mother and thee calls for MysticWays really isn't worth $73.33 these days.. I mean that comes out to $18.34 per call!  Nuhhhh Ughhhh! No Thanks...  love ya mom, but......

I think with all the $$$$ I'll be starting to save, maybe I can set up a savings fund to get my Honda Scooter in the shop for repair.  Heck, Wynn and I even talked about ditching the Truck and the Corvette and replacing it with something better on gas and if we need to haul something that bad we'll call a friend with a truck or hire someone or even rent one from the local Home Depot. It's just foolish to have all this wasted opportunity around here if it's not being used. 

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