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Friday, October 10, 2014

Well, for the past couple days.. i've been really geeking out using Apple iPhoto and YouTube to make video slideshows of many of my interesting memories.  Why? Well, I used to have a photo area with 45,000 photos taken for many years and I also had a Video area with various movies that I'd produce and send back to family members in New England and do my best to share online. 

Sadly though the upload process to my webserver was brutal and the download to watch them required lots of time and hard drive space to say the least..  Well now I decided to put as much as I can on my very own YouTube channel which is located right here at this address:  (yes, it's made with TinyUrl so you don't have to be stuck with an address that goes around your house about three times)

The idea is to create a video legacy of the moments in my life.. be they good or bad or otherwise.  Some of the people shown in them aren't even alive today as of this writing Friday, October 10, 2014 and it's a cool legacy for them also.  In the old days I used to title each photo of what was going on and who was in it... <very time consuming>  These days I've decided not to waste so much time on it instead focusing on getting the large mass online quickly and easily and fiddle with it later.  Because face it, putting captions on a boatload of pictures is no fun when you're old and have a forgetful brain.

Anyhow..  there's something here for everyone..  Even the peeps who have abandoned me or done me wrong in the past (you know who you are) and I have no malice to share "Bless Your Hearts."  Life is too damn short to live in the past when you have new things to focus on.  I always considered myself just like everyone else but now, I'm not so sure anymore when I see others so amazed at what they see and hear through all this.  Still, I like sharing and will continue to do so even though I might not ever get to meet those of you watching this stuff.   Ta Ta for now...  Bye...