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Friday, August 22, 2014

Busy Day Organizing and Collecting

Busy day today doing lots of organizing and collecting of my pagan book of shadows stuff..

The big focus was putting together a bunch of Kabbala stuff for my teacher to share with the other students in my group.  I had gotten it about 10 years ago and apparently she can no longer find her pile in her office so I said I would hunt my stuff down, scan it, and pass it on for her to add back to the library. 

Me and my big mouth, what an EFFING job fighting the POS Neat Scanner and associated software.  First I had to dig the thing outta the garage, then clean it all off..  Then re-install the software only to find that the crap won’t work with Apple OS X 10.10.   Oiy, such fun..  So after about two days I ripped the thing apart and threw it in the trash..  then I deleted every remnant of the MAC and the Windows software promising that I will *NEVER* do business with the Neat company again.

Then my wonderful huz (God I love him so!) went out to Amazon and got me a “Doxie Go” portable scanner that runs cordless and saves to an SD card.

In the meantime, until it gets here, I can go through all of my stuff (a pile of binders about 2.5 feet high that I collected over 15 years) and put the handouts in order so they can be scanned and shared.

Now, next time we have an elder’s MA’AT class we will all be in sync once again.