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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Why is fitting in so important?

Why are people always so worried about "fitting in" with others?  Doesn't it make more sense to embrace the things that make us unique and share those abilities with others willing to learn more about them?

Imagine for a second if we all looked the same, we all dressed the same, we all had the same profession, we all ate the same food and spoke the same language with the same customs.  What would this do to the concept of Art? How could we strive to be 'better' or 'superior' if we were all the same like a bunch of carbon copied robots?

Instead, society teaches us to hate that which we don't understand or that which is different. Why? Doesn't it make more sense to embrace those differences in the 'other' and try to enlighten ourselves more learning and respecting this unique being? Is it better to vanquish them instead as not to corrupt or cloud the robotic gene pool?

And what about the one who's 'too fabulous' to fit in? They're left to face a world of lonliness, hatred, scorn, and ridicule just because they don't meet the status quo?  If the Christian God created us all in his own image then which of the two beings is or is not the element to build friendship with and why? Technically they're all god's creatures right? Don't they have a right to be happy too so long as they're not harming others?

So what is the harm of two male doves falling in love and spending the rest of their lives together? You know this happens in real life right now as we speak right? Should we shoot and kill them because they don't fit the norm? Are they harming the other doves?  Last I checked they were supposed to be the symbol of peace so why should we care about their gender? Do they molest other baby doves and can't be trusted at a baby sitter? If a neighbor parent dies, would the other doves prevent those males from nurturing and raising the dead parent's children regardless of who they choose to love?

How many of you reading this know the true difference between SEX and LOVE? SEX is something you do with the shit between your legs. LOVE is something you do with your mind and your heart!

So what's the difference between the words "PLAY" and "INTIMACY" when it comes to the Gay Bear community? Which of them is more likely to lead to a future spending the rest of their lives with one another?  Do you play or do you get intimate?

Next, if you were going to have a picnic would you only invite your Gay friends? Your Str8 friends? or Both? And WHY?

Yes, these are truly things that make ya go hummmm with wonderment huh?

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