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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Technology sure is sweet sometimes!!

My iPhone weather report said yesterday was 104F and today was going to be 75F and sure as shit, it was a welcome weather cool down here in Texas.  104F on September 7, 2012? Must have been all that hot air from the Republican National Convention or something.

Earlier this week, my Huz bought me a new solid state MacBook Pro with the new retina display and I just copied my entire music library form my Lacie 2TB thunderbolt drive over to it in about 2.5 minutes..

This kinda shit used to take hours not minutes!!

I thought I was going to have to blow most of my day sitting around and wasting time on it.. 

My goal is to make a computer that will hold my entire world, be portable, run OS-X and Windows-7, store my photo library of 60,000, my music library of 12,806 (all legally owned) including my 208 videos. Be capable of running for more than a skinkin' 2 hours on a charge and be completely solid state with no moving parts to crap out three years from now. 

The MacBook Pro was ok, but it only had a couple hundred gig and I had to invest in the LaCie external drive to schlep around or leave behind when moving around. Not cool if you're working on a project that needs access to the external stuff.  Oh and don't drop or bang it too much cuz you don't wanna wind up with a drive crash.

Yes, Thunderbolt is truly amazing, awesomely fast and soon it will be on Windows computers too.  Yes, the components are a bit pricey but there's a lot of circuit brains in the controllers that are capable of moving the data as fast as an SSD. You really do get what you pay for in this case. If you're a web hosting company that's focused on moving terabytes of data during a backup, then you should seriously consider this tiny and portable solution.

Two other things that really helped me in the past three days was my account at and also my premium account with systems.  Why? Because when I buy software and get those silly email's with the registration codes, I've used Evernote to capture them instead of printing out in a huge paper folder or entering each one into 1Password making it time consuming to say the least.  Best of all I can get to the data years later with my phone, my iPad, Macs, Pc's and not skip a beat.

When I'm working on a project, say something like writing my Biography Book, or even my Pagan Survival Guide I've done for several years.. I don't like having to schlep around a flash drive, or "sneaker net" the changed files among different computers.  So, I store it on my DropBox in a folder and can instantly work on them from anywhere so long as I have a network connection.  Can you can "Proper Use of the Cloud Services"

Same things with iTunes MATCH...  I can get to my music (no, not movies... just the tunes) from *all* of my puppies that can run iTunes be it my phone, my pad, my PC or my MACs.... Sweet Huh?

Sometimes when I think how hard I used to work to add a new 1.2 Gigabyte Hard Drive to the DIVANET servers I built and how I had to book off 1/2 a day to do it I'm truly amazed.  If I made one more fucking trip to Fry's Electronics for weekend parts to fix something that crapped out, I would scream!!  Now, just push a button, pull out the old USB or Thunderbolt cable and plug in a new one..  Geez!   No more fucked up mounting brackets, missing screws, twisted ribbon cables and hour long partitioning and formatting.

And the Breeders create these children who eventually own miniature Mainframes in their bedroom with more power than the computers in the pentagon just to play their skanky games or show off their girlfriend's junk or titties.  With Dynamic DNS abilities they can set up this computer to share stuff with people all over the world right from the privacy of their bedroom and mommy and daddy have no idea what they're "really" doing.   Ahhh but one thing they never learned along the way is that as much as they think they're anonymous to the world  *EVERY* network card has a unique thing called a MAC address.. no two of them are alike.  And *EVERY* CPU chip has a unique traceable serial number.  Those of us 'geeky wonks' who know this also know about the unseen tools we can use to trace this from point A to point B leaving the little monsters shocked when authorities knock on their door in the middle of the night and drag them off to some kind of detention.

Those who think they're so Evil and Sly only have to make a few wrong moves and their ass is toast.  What? Don't believe me? No Worries!  Just remember this the next time you screw with someone's stuff and really piss off the wrong tech savy dude like me.  The hard drive I format MAY BE YOUR OWN!!    Repeat after me, "Technology is Sweet Sometimes, and V is for Vengeance"  ---LOL

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