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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Made it through another year

Wow,  and now it's 2013 and I made it through another year... BFD right?  for those of you not in the know, BFD means (Big Fucking Deal)... :-) Anyhow, I think it was a pretty good year compared to all the horror and trama I had to deal with last year... 

Sure the Huz has health issues, and so do I but we manage to adapt to all the changes so I guess that's good. 

Our rental tenant moved out and got his own place...  Sadly though his behavior really took a toll on our friendship and it left us more like acquaintances rather than friends. At first I was a mentor but later on I was accused of "picking on him" all the time so maybe it was meant to be.  I just didn't want to see the dude suffer some of the same negative things that I did in my past but oh well, now he'll just have to figure it out on his own.

I also had a snit with a couple House of Light members and it resulted in resigning from the group but later the founder told me that she wouldn't accept it because of all the great stuff I do to help and keep things running.  So instead I just blocked the offending individuals from my Facebook postings and reading and as far as I'm concerned they don't exist.

Ohh yeah, I did that with my Aunt Pam Hydeck too after she coplained about "being forced to read my rhetoric" when I politely asked republic Romney supports to please un-friend me.   Ahhh fuck'em!  They live in Penn. and never bother behave like a family anyhow so why the fuck should I care.   My mom was a bit shocked when I read off Pam's message to me realizing that this bitch has some serious issues.

I guess maybe one thing I learned throughout 2012 is not to waste my time trying to fix other people's baggage... Instead, just treat it like a broken light switch and shot the friggin thing off and walk away.. No muss, no fuss... just off and gone!   Buhhh bye...   If I was so fucking important to them then they would have done something to repair things themselves. 

I think the most fun I've had was hanging out with our friend Tom Walker during the holidays and doing absolutely nothing but watching the fireplace, noshing on a light meal and relaxing. No deadlines, no worries, and no disappointments..   Sure would be nice if I could remember to write more stuff on here in the future but as usual, I'm sure I'll have some excuse or another to say why I didn't...  Blah Blah Blah...  yeah yeah yeah...     If any of the readers here really gave a shit they would comment more telling me that my thoughts matter (uhh huh like that's gonna happen anytime soon.)  Still it's so cool not having to engage in other people's drama and just fiddlin' with my huz and my goofy cat and dog...  

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