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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Keyboard Fetish... Yeah so what??

Ok, since I have been a computer junkie for the past 30+ years I've grown accustom to having a unique keyboard on all my home systems... Wynn says it's just a fetish but seriously.. I used to love the original IBM "clickety" styles for all my touch typing use...   But of course they went the way of the dinosaur when all our compu-stuff was moved to China.  Back in the day there was a competitor with IBM called Keytronics and they make some damn good clones of the chattering beast but they were still sold at a somewhat hefty price.
Well low and behold, I found me two of them on ebay brand new in the box for a whopping $9 each... One for my Windows machine and one for my MAC and I also found some MAC keyboard stickers that I can use to put over the ALT and WIN keys respectfully for CMD and OPT..  Wooo hooooo...

The best part about these puppies is that you can zoom along typing and beat the shit out of the keys and never worry about them sticking or not registering correctly when you're in the middle of writing you great novel. And best of all you get true tactile feedback knowing that you really pressed the key instead of this mushy jelly thing.

Next, you take a glue gun and you make two dots on the F and the J keys to accentuate the home row keys so you can find them in a jiffy and not worry about damaging the keyboard for other future uses...  ( Clever huh?)  Ohh, and this little puppy has the large L shaped enter key so I don't have to go through the mindfuck of pressing the Shift instead of the Enter like so many others do.  Gosh, I feel so giddy about this...  So yeah, I guess I do have a fetish for the right touch when it comes to keyboards and that might explain why I had so many boxes of them up in the attic about 5 years ago when we had our last garage sale.

Even though Keytronics was a good clone, working in the mainframe world most of my life got me seriously used to the IBM version and the majority of the ones I found on eBay need all kinds of plug adapters to use on the machines of today... <sigh>  ... so I'll just count my $9 blessings and continue my work in peace.. LOL


  1. Yeah - I understand what you mean. I hit the keys on my laptop so hard just so that I can hear that lovely sound. LOL

  2. Is this really a fetish? I am just curious. I love the sound of nails (fake or not) on a keyboard. hehe. I don't know...I just ran across your site, and think it's RAD... There now you know how old I am. Just found it interesting.

  3. Hee hee.... RAD... ughhh like.. um... Radical?? LOL ... nahhh never heard of it...