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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fed Up with Google's Nasty Tactics

Wow, yesterday my Huz, Wynn, became furious with the nasty stuff Google has been doing recording searches and purchases, eliminating Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) so you can share your contacts and calendars back and forth with (which I also think is shitty). Google told all employees two years ago that they could no longer connect a windows computer to "their" corporate networks and if they attempted to do so they would be terminated.

Today if you wanted to have EAS with their shit you have to pay for a business account.. This is really lame and it proves that Google is incapable of "playing nice" with others.

Because of all this, Microsoft is currently at war with them and is doing a really good job of showing the world how they continue to offer free stuff but don't bomb you with spyware or shitty advertising like MySpace did and FaceBook is doing today.

Anyhow, he was so furious trying to get his Android to play nice with all of his stuff it finally thew the thing down, went to the T-Mobile store and got and HTC Windows Phone instead saying that even though Apple and Mickeysoft try to interconnect with "all" the services, Google has gone way to far with this "all or nothing" behavior and he said he wanted them gone.  He couldn't do an iPhone because they don't run on T-mobile and we both learned that this German company sure does focus on their customers FIRST and foremost! 

I don't think I've seen him this angry in a long time but it tells me that I wasn't the only one who was a little ticked off over this new Google 'bait and switch' crap.

I worked with Microsoft technology for 10 years when I owned and ran DIVANET Hosting and even though they might do something wonky now and then they never pull this favoritism shit that the college dropouts at Google are doing now.  Instead they've worked hard to centralize all of their platforms with a singular user interface, (except for their server stuff which I haven't seen in years but...)  This is what Apple tried to do with iOS and OS X but failed miserably.

HS has truly proven how to take a user interface and present it to machines that do and don't have touch screens and make it behave in synchronicity.  FACT with windows 8. Soon Windows Blue will come and it will change and evolve faster than every 5 years and I think this will really take off with consumers also.

I said this years ago...  MS is perfect for 'number crunching' and APL is perfect for 'making pretty' with different media.  I have long given up on trying to do some serious office management with Apple.  Don't believe me..??  Fine, then tell me why can't find any decent 'Flat File" database programs for OS X but there's about 20 or 30 established in the Windows world and OS X has been going for the past 13 years?  Huh??  Point of Sale=Windows,  Database=Windows, Accounting=Windows (and don't even think of mentioning the pathetic versions of QuickBooks Mac)   Instead, I have several wonks peddling MySQL (yuk) and other overly complicated shit. HELLO !!!    I just want to build a quick list of shit in my garage I don't want to launch rockets or rule the world.

I've learned not to recommend stuff to others because it turns into a useless pissing match.. instead I use what works for me cuz I run my Husband's home business that does a minimum of 27k in sales each year for the past 10 years proving to all the whiny bitches out there that they can be very productive right at home. So tell that cow at Yahoo to go fuck herself for telling her employees that they can no longer Tele-commute anymore.  Fuck, I did it for 13 years with my California based company very successfully.

Maybe they should have some college courses on entrepreneurial things instead of kissing corporate ass for a paycheck. I know people who fortify their retirement income selling stupid shit on eBay. If these old farts with Walmart computers can figure this out, how come the fools standing in unemployment lines can't? 

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