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Monday, December 26, 2016

My resolutions for 2017.

My resolutions for 2017.

I’ve learned a lot about personal loss this year. I’m now beyond the causes or the reasons and I have decided to move on without looking back. This year I want to finish what I started trying to liquidate the remains of our $100,000 MysticWays inventory business of Essential / Fragrance Oils and Pagan themed items. Lots more work on the new system but having the extra pocket change later will help our small family consisting of Me, my wonderful husband Sven, and our three critters. 
I also want to get the Harley motorcycle up for sale on Craig’s List but need to research reasonable pricing etc. The place where the tree fell on the roof peak back in August needs minor roof attention that I’ll need to turn over to a contractor this spring. Meanwhile, there’s plenty of de-cluttering chores to do turning this shell of a house back into a home again. Maybe a Garage Sale is in order but here in Dallas you need to buy a permit or get arrested for not having one. Sweet huh? Also, have Sven’s baby grand piano to get rid of by either selling it for a song or donating to someone willing to remove and pickup themselves. I suggested a sledge hammer and the fireplace but that didn’t go over well. (smirk)
I also need to set up a fund for our annual city property tax of about $4,000 per year. Yes, it sucks but rules are rules and I guess it beats foreclosure or bankruptcy. Didn’t realize that it cost $333 bucks a month to retrieve weekly trash and recycling. Not much else they do for it. Something to remember even though the house is paid off in full. What was it they said about always depending on death and taxes?? Hummm, Yup…
Right now I’m in the mindset of “FUCK YESTERDAY” and focusing more on tomorrow. Stop using the words like “CAN’T” or “Maybe Later” and especially “I remember when” like so many other geezers do. Nope, today is today and it is what it is. Sweet huh? Solutions are mine and mine alone without permission or acceptance from anyone else. 
Instead of going out to a bar alone and looking like a stooge maybe I’ll take a deck of Tarot cards and entertain myself with my own incredible talent to ‘see the unseen’ but no readings for others. Those days are massively over. I need to get back to messing with my arts and craft projects even if I finish and throw them out later. It’s my way of proving accomplishment to myself. Spending less time on social media can also be a plus. Nothing really good has come from it all except countless hours of typing. Shit, for that I could be writing a book or organizing my collection of over 1,000 CD’s and another 800 DVD movies. 
Nope, I can’t change the world and there comes a point when fighting for change should be left for others. If they want D. Chump for president, then good for them. I’ve learned how to change my name twice manipulating the “marriage” system to my benefit. I will continue to do so legally. Today, if one of us croaks we can still get social security bennies from the other. I hope that doesn’t change but still. To all the peeps who want to take those equal rights away from me as they bastardize their religion as an excuse, I hope they have their own moment of time to suffer from their own actions. I say this without regret or compassion. If this makes me out to be a worse person to readers then I’m sorry for your disappointment but I have my own standards also.

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