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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dear God, Thanks for NOTHING!

After all the horrible things that have happened to me throughout my life, I'm not really sure that there is a God anymore.
  • Burnt over 45% of my body at 6yrs old from a fireworkx accident.
  • Bullied and harrased for 17 years for being scarred and different. 
  • Apartment burnt down 2 weeks before christmas leaving nothing but the clothes on my back at 21. 
  • Hit by a drunk when riding my motorcycle after taking a friend to avoid spending his grocery money at 42. 
Nope, let the bible thunpers rock on praying to their invisible energies filled with hate all they want.  I'm proud to be me and I love the broken man in the mirror and I don't give a flying fuck what others think or care cuz this is MY LIFE not theirs.
It's not the life I expected, but at least I'm still willing to adapt to all the cruelty, hate, and ignorance reminding myself that in the end they can deal with their own hate when it reflects right back on them latter on. Hateful and Ignorant people die alone and lonely and as much of a people person as I've been throughout my life, the horse is dead and there's no point in kicking it. Bless their pathetic heart and walk on.

Remember, these folk got ttheir hate going to their TAX FREE CHURCH filled with "fake love" and all you have to do is drive to Dallas to see these churches that consume property the size larger than Wallmart while school districts cry they are too poor to fix the crumbling schools that educate heir ignored and overlooked offspring.  Yup, praise the lord and screw the kids. The dumber they are, the more we can get away with later and do it all TAX FREE..  What a concept huh?  Sure, kill all the fags and lezbos cuz they're less than human and they don't love like we do right?  Don't worry, we'll make more when these kids squirt out more illegitamate offspring later looking for love with 14 year old raging hormones.  Can't get it at home, might as well get it somewhere else right?
--Rik Wallin

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